• PDF Preview of the Spotlight on the Luquillo Experimental Forest
    In 1908, the Forest Service established a system of experimental forests and ranges (EFRs) to be set aside for environmental…

    Spotlight – Luquillo Experimental Forest

  • PDF preview of the Busy Bee Word Challenge
    Help Busy Bee complete each statement by filling in the blanks for missing words. Use what you’ve learned about watersheds,…

    Busy Bee Word Challenge – Full Throttle Model

  • PDF Preview of Think Outside the Box FACTivity
    In this activity, students will explore their schoolyard at different scales. The question students will answer is: What are the…

    FACTivity – Thinking Outside the Box

  • PDF Preview of the Born to Be Wild Word Search
    Test your knowledge of habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife with a word search.

    Word Search – Born to Be Wild

  • The cover for the 'My Sediments Exactly' article. The main image is a photo of a mangrove forest.
    The scientists in this study wanted to identify which mangrove forests, growing in various conditions, were keeping up with sea…

    My Sediments Exactly! – Can Mangrove Forest Sediments Keep up With Rising Sea Level?

  • The cover for the 'Welcome to McMangrove's' article. The main image is a photo of a mangrove forest.
    Scientists investigated how typhoons impacted the importance of microorganisms in sesarmid crab diets. The scientists also wanted to discover whether…

    Welcome to McMangrove’s – Determining the Importance of Mangrove Leaves in a Tree Crab’s Diet

  • Five species of Moon Trees as seedlings with ruler in between them
    In this module, we will explore trees and what they need, and we will learn how tree seeds have gone…

    Learning Module – Countdown to Moon Trees

  • The “Cream of the Crop” monograph is the first in the Forest & Agriculture series. The research in this monograph…

    Cream of the Crop – Vol. 1 No. 20

  • Front cover of Cream of the Crop, featuring a background image of rows of crops and an inset image of a yellow flower.
    The research in this monograph looks at the use of prairie strips, which are strips of native prairie plants that…

    Cream of the Crop: Assessing the Environmental Benefits of Prairie Strips

  • PDF Preview of Cream of the Crop Create-A-Phrase
    After reading “Cream of the Crop,” see if you can complete this create-a-phrase challenge. Draw a line from a word…

    Create-A-Phrase – Cream of the Crop