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  • Smokey Bear has his very own collector card! Learn more about his job as a wildfire prevention specialist, tools he…

    Smokey Bear Collector Card Pack

  • Smokey Bear, Wildfire Prevention Specialist

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    • Wildfire Prevention Specialist
    • As a wildfire prevention specialist, I raise public awareness about how human behavior can accidentally cause a wildfire. My goal is for humans to be aware of their actions and take personal responsibility to prevent wildfires.
  • In this 55-minute video, Smokey Bear and his friends discuss specific wildfire prevention topics such as: fire science, good fire…

    Smokey Bear LIVE 3

  • Background: Natural Inquirer (NI) articles are written at a middle school level; however, the content, format, and focus on the…

    Natural Inquirer in the High School Classroom

  • Paulette Ford, Research Ecologist

    FireForests & PlantsInsectsWildlife
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    • Ph.D., University of Arizona
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • An ecologist studies the relationships between living organisms and their environment.
  • Nöel Fletcher, Wildlife Biologist

    FireForests & PlantsWildlife
    Front cover of Nöel Fletcher Collector card
    • B.S., University of Idaho
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A wildlife biologist collects and shares information to ensure that wildlife species’ needs are considered when designing and implementing projects on public lands, from mountain bike rides to prescribed fires and new trails construction to old road closures.
  • Brian E. Dickerson, Wildlife Biologist

    Front cover of Brian E. Dickerson Collector Card
    • M.S., Texas State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A wildlife biologist studies wild animals in their habitats.  A wildlife biologist applies this knowledge to maintain populations of wild animals for future generations.
  • The second monograph in Natural Inquirer’s Pollinators series, this monograph explores the connection between fire and native insect pollinators. In…

    A Flame Changer – Vol. 1 No. 25

  • Meet fire ecologists, fire prevention specialists, fuels technicians, air support personnel, fire fighters, & more in the 24-card Fire Careers…

    Forest Service Fire Career Cards

  • Christie Hawley, Natural Resource Analyst

    FireForests & PlantsMapping
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    • M.N.R., University of Georgia
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As a natural resource analyst, I gather geographic and field data on forests and wildland fires.  I analyze these data using computer software to answer scientific questions related to fire and plant interactions.