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The cover for the Natural Inquirer Caves and Karst journal. The main image is a photo of a cave with an opening high above the land below with a view of a green valley.

Caves and Karst Natural Inquirer – Vol. 20 No. 1

Natural Inquirer Wildlife Scientist Cards

Wildlife Scientists Card Set

Front cover of National Inquirer with snapshots of different forests

The World’s Forests 2 – Vol. 15 No. 2

Urban Forest cover with a sticker graphic that reads available in Spanish

Urban Forest – Vol. 6 No. 1

Dr. Ge Sun standing in front of autumn trees

Meet Dr. Sun! – Vol. 1 No. 2

Front cover of National Inquirer Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing On the Shoulders of Giants (Time Warp Monograph Series) Vol. 1 No. 13

PDF cover of the Hawaii Pacific Islands Natural Inquirer journal. Under the title is a rendering of the largest island with digital photos of different fauna and flora native to the island. The entire background is green with illustration of different green plants.

Hawaii Pacific Islands – Vol. 1 No. 16

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