Social Science

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  • Monika Derrien, Social Scientist

    Forests & Plants
    PDF preview of the front of Monika Derrien's collector card showing Dr. Derrien standing outside in a park.
    • Ph.D., University of Vermont
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A social scientist studies interactions among individuals, groups, and societies.
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  • Tinelle Bustam, Educator and Social Scientist

    Artemis Moon Trees
    Front cover of Tinelle Bustam Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Florida
    • USDA Forest Service
    • As an educator, I identify, design, and deliver opportunities for visitors to our national forests to strengthen and deepen their connections to the outdoors through education. With the Moon Trees project, I have the opportunity to educate people about our forests and outer space!
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  • Grant Kirker, Research Technologist

    Forests & PlantsScience Communication
    Front cover of Dr. Grant Kirker Collector Card
    • Ph.D., Mississippi State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • Research technologists are responsible for planning, conducting, and analyzing scientific experiments as well as communicating results through peer-reviewed journals.  My research interests relate to living and nonliving factors that cause wood to decay.
  • Paul Gobster, Research Landscape Architect

    Forests & Plants
    Front cover of Dr. Paul Gobster Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A landscape architect studies how the design, planning, and management of landscapes can provide a more harmonious fit between people and their environment.
  • Brett J. Butler, Research Forester

    Forests & Plants
    Front cover of Dr. Brett J. Butler Collector Card
    • Ph.D., Oregon State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A research forester is a scientist who studies the patterns and processes impacting forests. My work focuses on the human dimensions of forests and specifically the people and organizations who own and manage forest.
  • Daniel R. Williams, Environmental Social Scientist

    Front cover of Dr. Daniel R. Williams Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • Environmental social scientists study a wide variety of topics involving people, society, and their interactions with the environment.  My work focuses on how people experience and value nature in their everyday lives.