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  • Linda Heath, Research Forester

    Forests & Plants
    Front cover of Dr. Linda Heath Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Washington
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • I study ways to provide estimates of multiple environmental benefits.  An example of a benefit is forest carbon.  The estimates are needed at local to national to global scales.
  • Michael Gavazzi, Biological Scientist

    FireForests & PlantsWeather & Climate
    Front cover of Mr. Michael Gavazzi Collector Card
    • M.S., Virginia Tech
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A biological scientist is a jack of all trades.  I work with other researchers in diverse disciplines to study forest ecosystems response to prescribed burning, climate change, and natural and man-made disturbance.
  • Grant Domke, Research Forester

    Forests & PlantsSoil
    Front cover of Dr. Grant Domke Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As a forester, I study carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems.  I develop and improve techniques to estimate forest carbon stocks and changes to the carbon stocks using forest inventory information.
  • Robert Deal, Research Forester

    Forests & PlantsWaterWildlife
    Front cover of Dr. Robert Deal Collector Card
    • Ph.D., Oregon State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As a research forester, I conduct research on applied silviculture.  Silviculture is the art and science of establishing and growing trees to meet the needs and values of landowners.
  • Kenneth L. Clark, Research Forester

    FireForests & PlantsInsectsWater
    Front cover of Dr. Kenneth L. Clark Collector card
    • Ph.D., University of Florida
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A research forester studies forest composition, structure, and functioning, such as productivity and nutrient cycling.
  • Don C. Bragg, Project Leader & Research Forester

    Forests & PlantsWaterWildlife
    Front cover of Dr. Don C. Bragg Collector Card
    • Ph.D., Utah State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • Foresters study many aspects of trees and forests, from traditional silviculture to carbon storage to the relationship between humans and trees.  My forestry research concentrates on the ecology and management of pine forests in the southern United States.