Press & Past Events

  1. March 2024

    We had a great time at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Denver! Loved meeting all you fabulous educators & handing out free science education materials at our booth.

  2. February 2024

    Come see us at the Reach to Forest event at the Kennedy Center. Sunday, February 25th will be a special Forest Youth Day. Learn more here! 

  3. November 2023

  4. October 2023

  5. September 2023

    Inside the Forest Service article on Woodsy Owl LIVE 3

  6. August 2023

    Inside the Forest Service article on the Artemis Moon Tree cards

  7. July 2023

    1600 Natural Inquirer materials were handed out at Comic-Con in San Diego

  8. June 2023

    • An assortment of coloring books, scientist cards, and journals were sent out for a Get Outdoors Day event
    • Journals distributed at the 2023 Forestry Institute for Teachers
    • Copies of “The Bee Frequency” were given out at an event during Pollinator Week in Washington D.C.
    • 500 scientist cards were distributed at a Woodsy Owl event in Oregon
  9. May 2023

  10. April 2023

  11. March 2023

    • Provided over 150 products that were handed out at the National Environmental Justice Conference
    • The Natural Inquirer team attended the NSTA Conference in Atlanta and distributed over 4,000 products
    • 480 scientists cards and journals were sent to a school in Maryland for a STEM event
  12. February 2023

    • The Natural Inquirer Pacific Islands edition is highlighted in Inside the Forest Service
    • NSI: Nature Science Investigator and coloring books were sent out to a school science fair in Ohio
  13. January 2023

    Over 2,000 journals and cards were sent to Arizona for a Goodwill Education Program

  14. November 2022

    GLOBE and Natural Inquirer Crosswalk Blog on studying water quality

  15. October 2022

    • Provided 1,000 copies of NSI: Nature Science Investigator for the Georgia STEM/STEAM Forum
    • Sent over 1,500 journals for the Wood Magic Forest Fair put on by the South Carolina Foresty Commisssion.
    • Woodsy Owl materials and posters were passed out at NAAEE Conference.
  16. September 2022

  17. August 2022

  18. July 2022

  19. March 2022

    Coloring books, scientist cards, and NSIs were sent to Worthington States Elementary to be distributed at their annual science fair

  20. February 2022

    300 Scientist cards were distributed at a Project Learning Tree training in Florida

  21. October 2021

    • NAAEE conference session on using Natural Inquirer Learning Modules
    • 300 scientist cards are being distributed at a NYC Canoemobile event
  22. September 2021

    • Over 600 products sent to Grey Towers for National Public Lands Day event
    • Freshwater Natural Inquirers and Meet Ms. Laseter readers were distributed at the Athens Water Festival
    • 25 sets of scientist cards were distributed at a Watershed Agriculture Council event in New York
  23. April 2021

  24. May 2021

    10 sets of scientist cards were distributed at a STEAM Program hosted by the Wenas Mammoth Organization

  25. February 2020

    • Project Learning Tree features Natural Inquirer‘s FREE scientist and engineer cards as a part of their new curriculum called Green Jobs: Exploring Forest Careers.
    • 50 packs of scientist cards were distributed by the University of Florida’s 4H extension youth development program
  26. January 2020

    2150 coloring books and 1400 Smokey Bear cards were sent to all FIND Campgrounds for distribution

  27. November 2019

    Scientist & engineer cards will be distributed at Florida Project Learning Tree conference

  28. October 2019

  29. September 2019

  30. August 2019

    Natural Inquirer products will be distributed at the Boston GreenFest

  31. July 2019

    1,000 “Bee” A Scientist coloring books are distributed at the University of Georgia’s Experience UGA outreach events

  32. June 2019

    • Natural Inquirer will be at Brasstown Bald in Georgia for the kick off of Junior Forest Rangers
    • The Forestry Institute for Teachers in California will be using Natural Inquirer materials for workshops
  33. April 2019

    The Natural Inquirer team will be at the National Science Teachers Conference (NSTA) in St. Louis

  34. March 2019

    Natural Inquirer materials will be distributed at the Bio-Cultural Blitz, Hawaii Experimental Tropical Forest

  35. December 2018

    Natural Inquirer materials will be distributed at a National Wildlife Federation workshop for teachers

  36. November 2018

    Natural Inquirer materials will be distributed at the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) conference

  37. October 2018

    Natural Inquirer staff will have a booth at the Georgia STEM/STEAM forum, Athens, GA

  38. September 2018

    • Natural Inquirer information will be distributed at the Forest Service booth at Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
    • University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources distributes Natural Inquirer resources to over 1,000 visiting Athens-Clarke County 1st graders during Experience UGA.
  39. August 2018

  40. July 2018

    Check out the USDA Forest Service booth with Natural Inquirer materials at the Georgia Outdoor News Outdoor Blast in Duluth, GA.

  41. June 2018

    • USDA Forest Service scientist Sharon Hobrla shared Natural Inquirer scientist cards with attendees of Detroit’s National Get Outdoors Day event.
    • USDA Forest Service scientists from the Philadelphia Field Station will be handing out free Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards at Philadephia’s Fairemount Park for the Federal Fair organized by Congressman Dwight Evans.
    • Joined CFAIA staff at the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah National Forest on Saturday, June 16 to share NI materials with visitors during the annual Pink Beds Bioblitz.
    • NI staff met visitors at Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest point, for a “Junior Scientist” program!
  42. May 2018

    Natural Inquirer partners with SciStarter to distribute the Natural Inquirer Citizen Science edition throughout the country.

  43. April 2018

    • USDA Forest Service staff from the Philadelphia Field Station handed out Natural Inquirer scientist and engineer cards at their “Do Trees Get Thirsty?” booth during the 2018 Science Carnival.
    • Palouse Land Trust in Moscow, ID led a spring hike at Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve and gave away free copies of the Natural Inquirer Citizen Science edition.
    • Forest Service staff hand out Natural Inquirer materials and make scientist & engineer cards with visitors at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC.
    • Students at the College of Menominee Nation receive Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards during a career day with USDA Forest Service scientist Rachel Riemann.
    • USDA Forest Service scientist Rachel Riemann brings Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards to high school students at the Troy, NY Earth Day celebration.
  44. March 2018

    • Karan Wood from Captain Planet Foundation used the Natural Inquirer Citizen Science edition during a workshop at the 2018 NSTA national conference in Atlanta, GA.
    • Natural Inquirer was featured in a recent story about our Editorial Review Board process for an upcoming publication with students from Swannanoa, NC. The story was featured on CompassLIVE from the USDA Southern Research Station.
  45. February 2018

    USDA Forest Service staff handed out Natural Inquirer materials to participants of the Ag Outlook Forum in Arlington, VA.

  46. January 2018

    • Natural Inquirer materials distributed at the USDA Forest Service booth during the National Conference on Science and the Environment in Washington DC.
    • Natural Inquirer program partners with Royal Oak Middle School in British Columbia, Canada to have students review the World’s Forests 3 edition.
  47. November 2017

    USDA Forest Service staff distributed Natural Inquirer materials to Society of American Foresters conference goers in Albuquerque, NM.

  48. October 2017

    • Natural Inquirer staff distribute materials at the Georgia STEM Forum in Athens, GA.
    • Ready, Set, Help provides Natural Inquirer products to students at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy in Upper Marlboro, MD during the “Girls Breaking Down the STEM Door” event.
    • USDA Forest Service staff distribute Natural Inquirer products in Columbus, OH at the annual Girl Scouts conference, G.I.R.L.
    • Natural Inquirer scientist cards handed out at the Women of Color in STEM Conference in Detroit, MI.
  49. September 2017

    Natural Inquirer launches three-month customer feedback survey.

  50. July 2017

    Franklin Conservation District (Washington) provides Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards for 150 teachers during summer teacher workshops.

  51. March 2017

  52. December 2016

  53. October 2016

    • Thousands of Natural Inquirer journals, coloring books, and scientist cards are distributed at the Americas Latinos Eco Festival in Denver, CO
  54. September 2016

    • Kaibab National Forest featured Margaret Hangan and her new scientist card in a press release
    • University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources distributes Natural Inquirer resources to over 1,000 visiting Athens-Clarke County 1st graders during Experience UGA.
    • Natural Inquirer journals, scientist cards, and coloring books are distributed to visitors of “Insectival,” an event at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia in Athens, GA
    • Natural Inquirer Freshwater edition and the Meet Ms. Laseter! Reader were distributed to Athens-Clarke County GreenSchools teachers and visitors to the Athens-Clarke County Water Festival
  55. August 2016

    Natural Inquirer Freshwater edition was distributed at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in Saint Louis, MO

  56. July 2016

    Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States Investi-gator journal was distributed by Southwestern Region Forest Service staff to young visitors at the 3rd annual Pueblo of Isleta Environmental Fair in Albuquerque, NM

  57. April 2016

    Natural Inquirer booth visited by teachers, curriculum developers, instructional coaches, and school administrators at the 2016 ASCD Conference in Atlanta, GA

  58. March 2016

    Natural Inquirer visited by science teachers at 2016 NSTA Conference in Nashville, TN

  59. November 2015

    Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards distributed at New England Environmental Education Conference in Waterville Valley, NH

  60. October 2015

    Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards distributed at Midwest Environmental Education Conference in Madison, WI

  61. August 2015

    • NSTA Blog features Natural Inquirer in a post titled “Connecting students and scientists”
    • Natural Inquirer materials featured as handouts at: the Ecological Society of America annual meeting in Baltimore, MD, the World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa, NC Museum of Natural Science Bugfest in Raleigh, NC, and the Women of Color in STEM Conference in Detroit, MI.
  62. July 2015

    • Natural Inquirer publications used in various State exams
    • USDA Forest Service staff hand out Natural Inquirer materials to visitors at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, CA
  63. June 2015

    • Natural Inquirer sends journals, scientist & engineer cards, NSI booklets, and a hands-on activity to the White House MakerFaire
    • North Carolina State University Teacher Training program shares scientist & engineer card packs with 120 participating teachers
  64. April 2015

    Earth Day Network includes Natural Inquirer article as a resource in its Climate Education Toolkit

  65. March 2015

    Visitors to the 2015 NSTA Conference take over 1,000 Natural Inquirer products

  66. December 2014

    • Natural Inquirer publications used in various State exams
    • USDA Forest Service staff hand out 10,000 Natural Inquirer journals, Readers, scientist cards, and coloring sheets at the Rose Bowl celebration in Los Angeles, CA
  67. November 2014

    Natural Inquirer article “Everything but the Carbon Sink” is featured in NJ PARCC Grade 6 Language Arts Literacy test prep book

  68. October 2014

    Natural Inquirer staff present and distribute journals at Wilderness 50 conference

  69. April 2014

    Natural Inquirer products distributed at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC

  70. January 2014

    Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards are featured in The Writing Thief: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Craft of Writing

  71. November 2013

    NSTA feature article “Engaging Middle School Students in the Analysis and Interpretation of Real-World Data” is published, focusing on Cheryl McLaughlin’s use of Natural Inquirer products in the classroom

  72. October 2013

    Natural Inquirer publications used in various State exams

  73. August 2013

    • Natural Inquirer publications used in various State exams
    • Natural Inquirer is featured in Citizen Science: 15 Lessons that Bring Biology to Life, 6-12 published by NSTA Press
  74. April 2013

    Natural Inquirer partners with University of Georgia Learning, Design, & Technology to develop scientist videos

  75. July 2012

    Utah Public Radio features Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards in an article about Utah State University graduate Dr. Tamara Heartsill Scalley

  76. May 2010

    Natural Inquirer partners with U.S. Geological Survey for the first time to publish the Ecosystem Services edition

  77. December 2008

    Natural Inquirer teams with the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization for the first World’s Forest edition

  78. January 2008

    Natural Inquirer helps launch EUGENE, a program dedicated to providing evaluation resources for nonformal educators

  79. March 2004

    Natural Inquirer begins partnership with FIND Outdoors

  80. January 2004

    Natural Inquirer begins partnership with the University of Georgia