Smokey Bear

Since 1944, Smokey Bear has been educating the public about wildfire prevention. Browse articles, monographs, journals, collector cards, and more about wildfire prevention.

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    Today, Smokey continues to teach people of all ages about the importance of preventing wildfires. Just how effective is Smokey’s…

    A Burning Question: Is An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?

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    The following 70 words can be used for a spelling bee in your classroom. Each of these 70 words (or…

    FACTivity – A Burning Question

  • PDF preview of the FACTivity from Smoke and Mirrors
    In this FACTivity, each student will answer the questions: What barriers might you face if you had to quickly escape…

    FACTivity – Smoke and Mirrors

  • Who Gives a Hoot word search preview
    Test your knowledge on conservation, mammals, and wildfire.

    Word Search – Who Gives a Hoot?

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    Although scientists know that many weeks of low rainfall increase the chances of wildfires, they do not know which daily…
  • Smoke and Mirrors word search preview
    Test your knowledge on compounds, sample size, and vegetation.

    Word Search – Smoke and Mirrors

  • illustration of children weighing a house on one side of a scale and a bird on the other side
    The California gnatcatcher is a little bird with a big problem. Its habitat has been reduced 80 percent by people…

    Fighting Fire with Fire: Protecting the Homes of People and Birds

  • Liar! Liar! House on Fire! word search preview
    Test your knowledge on case studies, decompositions, and endangered species.

    Word Search – Liar! Liar! House on Fire!

  • Article caver for Let's Clear the Air. It is a drawing of fireman working in a forest after a fire.
    Smoke from wildland fires contains hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals can be gases, liquids, or solid forms. The effects of…

    Let’s Clear the Air: The Danger of Forest Fire Smoke to Firefighters

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    Test your knowledge on wildfire, intensity, and humidity.

    Word Search – Dew It!