• This FACTivity will represent the methods the scientists used to collect vegetation data in the study. The question students will…

    FACTivity – What Goes Around Comes Around

  • Scientists can use models to simulate and predict the effects of an action. In this research in the Great Lakes…

    Full Throttle Model (Time Warp Monograph Series) – Vol. 1 No. 16

  • Read about efforts to model changes to land use within watersheds to help identify and prioritize watersheds with low water…

    Full Throttle Model: Using Scientific Models to Quickly Assess Water Quality

  • Ecosystem services are the benefits that nature provides through natural processes. For example, plants provide clean air, natural fire helps…

    Ecosystem Services – Vol. 12 No. 1

  • This article looks at how long-term weather patterns affect Carolina Bay Wetlands.

    What Goes Around Comes Around: How Long-Term Weather Patterns Affect Plants in Carolina Bay Wetlands

  • Test your knowledge on ecosystems, vegetation, and erosion.

    Crossword – Ecosystem Services

  • Test your knowledge on conservation, mammals, and wildfire.

    Word Search – Who Gives a Hoot?

  • Test your knowledge on compounds, sample size, and vegetation.

    Word Search – Smoke and Mirrors

  • Test your knowledge on vegetative cover, control groups, and erosion.

    Word Search – Quit Yer Horsin’ Around

  • In this FACTivity, you will determine whether trampling has an effect on plants by simulating different conditions. Materials: Four shoeboxes…

    FACTivity – Quit Yer Horsin’ Around! (Spanish)