• The second monograph in Natural Inquirer’s Pollinators series, this monograph explores the connection between fire and native insect pollinators. In…

    A Flame Changer – Vol. 1 No. 25

  • PDF preview of the Spotlight on an Experimental Forest and Range - Fernow Experimental Forest
    In 1908, the Forest Service established a system of experimental forests and ranges (EFRs) to be set aside for environmental…

    Spotlight – Fernow Experimental Forest

  • PDF preview of Treasure Islands FACTivity.
    The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: What are the similarities and differences between isolated environments of various…

    FACTivity – Treasure Islands

  • PDF Preview of Fill Those Potholes FACTivity
    The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: What are other ecosystem services provided by the Nation’s natural resources?…

    FACTivity – Fill Those Potholes

  • PDF preview of A Flame Changer article.
    Open forest ecosystems, like those of longleaf pine or loblolly pine, are managed with regular fires to support native plants…

    A Flame Changer – How Fire Diversity Affects Bee and Butterfly Populations

  • PDF preview of Woodsy Owl crossword.
    After reading the Woodsy Owl edition of Natural Inquirer, test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle.

    Crossword – Woodsy Owl

  • The Pacific Islands Natural Inquirer examines research on a variety of topics including coastal crabs, mangrove forest and rising sea…

    Pacific Islands – Vol. 1 No. 21

  • Patchwork article cover
    The scientists in this study were interested in figuring out what kind of treatment would lead to the best outcomes…

    Patchwork – Using Forest Patches to Help With Forest Restoration in Palau

  • This is the 3rd edition of the World’s Forest Natural Inquirer based on the 2015 Global Forest Resources Assessment. This…

    World’s Forests 3 edition

  • PDF preview of World's Forests Edition 3, Inquiry 2 article.
    Learn about the many benefits that different types of forests provide.

    Inquiry 2: What Benefits Do the World’s Forests Provide?