Word Challenge

  • Try this vocabulary word challenge. Fill out the provided graphic organizer answering questions about a glossary term.

    My Word! Challenge – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

  • At the end of the “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” article, there is a glossary of terms that were…

    Glossary Challenge – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

  • Help Busy Bee complete each statement by filling in the blanks for missing words. Use what you’ve learned about watersheds,…

    Busy Bee Word Challenge – Full Throttle Model

  • After reading “Pack to Back,” test your knowledge with a word search.

    Crossword – Pack to Back

  • After reading “Flower Power,” test your knowledge with a create-a-phrase activity. Draw a line from a word in the left…

    Create a Phrase – Flower Power

  • After reading “Show Me the Money,” test your knowledge with this activity. Draw a line from one list to the…

    Create a Phrase – Show Me the Money

  • Test your knowledge on food chains, endemic species, and germination.

    Crossword Puzzle – Pacific Islands

  • Unscramble the words to create a sentence from “To Harvest or Not to Harvest!”

    Word Scramble – To Harvest or Not To Harvest

  • Draw a line from each word in column one to the word in column two that creates a phrase used…

    Make-A-Phrase – The Bee Frequency

  • After reading “Knock on Wood,” try this create-a-phrase challenge. Draw a line from a word in the left column to…

    Create-A-Phrase Challenge – Knock on Wood