• PDF Preview of the Spotlight on the Luquillo Experimental Forest
    In 1908, the Forest Service established a system of experimental forests and ranges (EFRs) to be set aside for environmental…

    Spotlight – Luquillo Experimental Forest

  • PDF Preview of Good to the Last Drip Word Seaerch
    Test your science knowledge with a word search.

    Word Search – Good to the Last Drip

  • Big-leaf mahogany is a tree species known for its beautiful wood. Over time, humans have cut down many big-leaf mahogany…

    Standing On the Shoulders of Giants (Time Warp Monograph Series) Vol. 1 No. 13

  • PDF preview of
    To ensure that big-leaf mahogany harvesting is sustainable, scientists and land managers must know the conditions in which mahogany grows.…

    Standing On the Shoulders of Giants: How Well Do Big-Leaf Mahogany Trees Grow in Different Conditions?

  • Cover for the 'Under Where?' article. The main image is a photograph of a rocky waterfall.
    When snow melts or rain falls, some of the water runs off into streams or rivers. Most of the water,…

    Under Where? Underground Water and Its Contribution to Streams

  • The cover of
    If the temperature of a stream rises too high, the animals that live in the stream may find it difficult…

    Did They Make the Gradient? Climate and Stream Temperatures Now and Into the Future

  • green text reading
    Most rivers in the United States are now regulated. A regulated river is one whose flow is controlled by dams.…

    Toad-ally Awesome! Investigating the Relationship Between Flooding and Toad Reproduction Along the Rio Grande

  • Front page of Inquiry 1: What Kind of Forests Grow on Earth and How Do They Differ? The bottom half of the page shows a world map hjighlighting different ecozones.
    Across the planet, different types of forests are found. One reason different forest types exist is because they grow under…

    Inquiry 1: What Kind of Forests Grow on Earth and How Do They Differ?

  • illustration of four kids sheltered under a tree from the rain
    In the past, scientists had estimated how much rainfall is intercepted by trees growing in rural areas. The scientists in this study…

    Good to the Last Drip: How Trees Help to Reduce Pollution

  • PDF preview of the Spanish version of the FACTivity for
    In this FACTivity, you will build an insloping road to test your own model of erosion. Materials: Two large cardboard…

    FACTivity – Should Ditches Be Graded? (Spanish)