Rio Grande

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    Many changes have occured in the Rio Grande since the 1940s that have created a river that is deeper and…

    By the Light of the Silvery Minnow: Can Young Minnows Be Taught About Their Natural Foods?

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    Most rivers in the United States are now regulated. A regulated river is one whose flow is controlled by dams.…

    Toad-ally Awesome! Investigating the Relationship Between Flooding and Toad Reproduction Along the Rio Grande

  • Photograph of a rattlesnake with the title 'Snake, Rattle and Roll' on the top left corner.
    After an area has been changed by human or natural disturbances, forest managers often engage in restoration activities. In the…

    Snake, Rattle, and Roll: Investigating the Snakes That Live in the Bosque Along the Middle Rio Grande