Spotted Knapweed

  • An up-close image of a spotted sparrow. The bird is sitting on a tree branch.
    In this module, we will explore many different invasive species and the effects they are having on different environments. Below…

    Learning Module – Invasive Species

  • Cover for the 'Invasion of the Song Snatcher' article. The main image is a photo of a Chipping Sparrow chirping on a branch.
    Invasive species such as spotted knapweed can have an effect on a habitat and animals in that habitat. In this…

    Invasion of the Song Snatcher! The Influence of Invasive Spotted Knapweed on Chipping Sparrow Song Diversity

  • Drawing of mice eating spotted knapweed.
    In the Western United States, spotted knapweed is one of the most widely found nonnative plants. Spotted knapweed was brought to the United…

    Goll-ly! Don’t Take a Knapweed! The Impact of Nonnative Plants and Animals on Deer Mice