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  • Scientists have discovered a new ant species! We need your help naming it! Created with scientists from the Southern Research…

    Activity – Feeling Antsy

  • Nathan Havill, Molecular Ecologist

    Forests & PlantsInsects
    PDF preview of the front of Nathan Havill's collector card featuring Dr. Havill working at a microscope.
    • Ph.D., Yale University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As a molecular ecologist, I use genetic data to study how species interact, including how introduced species move around the world.
  • Laurel Haavik, Forest Entomologist

    Forests & PlantsInsects
    PDF preview of the front of Laurel Haavik's collector card featuring Dr. Haavik scraping bark from a tree trunk with an axe.
    • Ph.D., University of Arkansas
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A forest entomologist studies the habits of insects that live in forests.
  • Karen Dillman, Lichenologist

    Forests & Plants
    PDF preview of the front of Karen Dillman's collector card featuring Ms. Dillman in a forest examining a lichen sample with a magnifier.
    • M.S., Arizona State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A lichenologist is someone who studies lichens in their natural habitat. Lichens are made up of more than one organism, but the main partners are fungi and algae. The fungal partner is the body of the lichen we can see easily in nature, while the algal partner is hidden inside the fungal layers.
  • Doug Booher, Ecologist, Entomologist, and Evolutionary Biologist

    PDF preview of Doug Booher's collector card featuring Dr. Booher in the field.
    • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
    • USDA Forest Service scientist
    • As an ecologist and an entomologist, I study the functional importance native ants provide to ecosystems and the impacts invasive species have on native ant communities. As a taxonomist, I describe new ant species.
  • Emilee Poole, Entomologist

    PDF preview of the front of Emilee Poole's collector card showing Dr. Poole in a hard hat in the bucket of bucket truck high above the tree line.
    • Ph.D., University of Georgia
    • USDA Forest Service scientist
    • As an entomologist, I’m interested in the interactions between plants and insects. I study forest health by looking at native and invasive pests, their impact on our forests, and potential management strategies.
  • Monika Derrien, Social Scientist

    Forests & Plants
    PDF preview of the front of Monika Derrien's collector card showing Dr. Derrien standing outside in a park.
    • Ph.D., University of Vermont
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • A social scientist studies interactions among individuals, groups, and societies.
  • Smokey Bear, Wildfire Prevention Specialist

    PDF preview of the front of Smokey Bear's collector card, featuring an illustrated Smokey Bear holding a shovel.
    • Wildfire Prevention Specialist
    • As a wildfire prevention specialist, I raise public awareness about how human behavior can accidentally cause a wildfire. My goal is for humans to be aware of their actions and take personal responsibility to prevent wildfires.
  • Woodsy Owl, Nature Educator (K-2)

    Forests & Plants
    PDF preview of the Woodsy Owl card for K-2 showing Woodsy examining a caterpillar with a magnifying glass
    • Nature Educator
    • I teach people to learn, enjoy, and care about our lands. I want people to explore nature. Nature is everywhere! Find it in a forest. Find it in a park. Nature is right outside your home!
    • This collector card is specially made for younger students (K-2).
  • Woodsy Owl, Conservation Education Specialist

    Forests & Plants
    PDF preview of the Woodsy Owl card for general audiences featuring Woodsy picking up trash with a spike.
    • Conservation Education Specialist
    • As an educator in conservation for over 50 years, I invite everyone to learn, enjoy, and care about the conservation of our natural resources. I also encourage people to explore and enjoy nature wherever they are. You don’t need to be in a forest to experience nature. You can experience the beauty of the outdoors in your own backyard!