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  • PDF Preview of Investi-gator Article Amphibious Assault
    Climate change can change the breeding patterns of some animals. Breeding patterns refer to when and how animals reproduce, including…

    Amphibious Assault: How Climate Change May Affect Amphibian Breeding

  • frogs leaping down a mountain
    Frogs are a species of amphibian. In recent years, there has been a decline in the numbers of amphibians worldwide.…

    As the Frog Hops: What Routes Do Frogs Travel in Mountain Environments?

  • PDF Preview of the There's Snow Place Like Home FACTivity
    The question students will answer in this FACTivity is: What is the range of an animal?

    FACTivity – There’s Snow Place Like Home

  • PDF preview of Wild Ways FACTivity.
    The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: How might climate change affect species in my state? Materials: Access…

    FACTivity – Wild Ways

  • PDF preview of Streaming Live article.
    The scientists in this study were interested in comparing the water use efficiency of trees. They wondered if the water…

    Streaming Live: How Do Streams Affect How Well Trees Use Water?