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  • PDF preview of Meet Dr. Hoagland featuring an illustration of Woodsy Owl standing next to Dr. Hoagland holding a clipboard and wearing binoculars
    Woodsy Owl would like you to meet Dr. Hoagland, a biological scientist and Tribal relations specialist at the Rocky Mountain…

    Meet Dr. Hoagland!

  • PDF preview of the spotlight on native bees (Pollinators Series welcome essay for
    When you think of bees, you may first picture the European honey bee. However, at least 4,000 other bee species…

    Spotlight – Native Bees

  • PDF preview cover of the Treasure Islands article. The cover is a photograph of an i'iwi, a small tropical bird.
    The scientists in this study were interested in learning about birds living in different sized kīpuka on the island of…

    Treasure Islands: Hawaiian Kīpuka and the Future of Native Hawaiian Birds