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  • Cover of the 'Batter Up' monograph. The background image is a close up of a baseball glove and the inset image is a circular photo of a baseball player.
    In “Batter Up,” learn about how engineers designed a test to determine baseball bat breakage rates for different types of…

    Batter Up: Investigating What Type of Wood Makes the Best Baseball Bat

  • Cover of the Beam Me Down, Scotty article featuring an illustration of a satellite orbiting Earth
    In this study, the scientists wanted to test a method of calculating the amount of carbon stored by plants across…

    Beam Me Down, Scotty: The Use of Airborne and Satellite Technology to Measure Carbon in Hawaiian Forests

  • Drawing of a cardinal bird flying.
    The Oriental bittersweet is a vine that was transported to the United States from Asia in 1860. Oriental bittersweet escaped from gardens and…

    Hurry Up and Wait: Investigating an Unusual Strategy for Invasion

  • The cover for the 'My Sediments Exactly' article. The main image is a photo of a mangrove forest.
    The scientists in this study wanted to identify which mangrove forests, growing in various conditions, were keeping up with sea…

    My Sediments Exactly! – Can Mangrove Forest Sediments Keep up With Rising Sea Level?

  • The cover of
    The student scientists used the Soil Quality Index (SQI) to determine the overall health of soils at the Oxbow. (This…

    Oxbow Soil Vitality: Is it Healthy?

  • Tropical Four-est Inventory - Using Measurement to Understand the Condition of Forests in Micronesia
    In this research, the scientists wanted to describe and summarize the forests managed for conservation in the Federated States of Micronesia,…

    Tropical Four-est Inventory – Using Measurement to Understand the Condition of Forests in Micronesia

  • Cover for the 'What's the Nonpoint?' article. The main image is a photo, taken in 2012, shows point source pollution of the Altamaha River in Georgia.
    Nonpoint source water pollution comes from large areas or landscapes such as roadways, farms, and urban and suburban communities. Scientists…

    What’s the Nonpoint? Assessing Nonpoint Source Water Quality Threats Nationwide