Tyler Johnson

Non Forest Service

Headshot of Tyler Johnson.

Howdy all, my name is Tyler Johnson and I am a botanist, which if you don’t know means that I am a scientist that works with plants. I have worked for the Forest Service for 10 years in Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. My dad also worked for the Forest Service as did my Grandpa, that makes me a 3rd generation Forest Service employee and makes caring for the land and serving the people our family business!

My work focuses on keeping extremely rare plants alive in our National Forests and National Grasslands. Some of the plants I work with live only on one mountain-top or next to one river and nowhere else in the world! I care deeply about public lands, having grown up with them as my backyard. Public lands as they exist in the United States are an amazing and unique opportunity for you to recreate on and use the lands that we all share. Ask me about baseball, plants of any kind including trees and grasses, ecology, gardening, disc golf, and mountain biking!

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