Smokey Bear Learning Module

Smokey Bear painting with Smokey Bear holding a shovel in one arm and holding a baby bear in another arm. Behind Smokey bear is a woodland scene.

This module will combine information about fire prevention along with Smokey Bear's role in spreading awareness of human contributions to wildfires. Then we'll look at the work of fire prevention specialists before examining the weather's effect on fire specifically. Finally, we'll be exploring some of the benefits of fire, particularly prescribed fire, and the researchers studying these effects.

Below you will find links to videos, experiments, and articles on all things Smokey Bear. If you would like to complete the entire module - it will take about a month. If you are looking for a more focused lesson the module includes four main units: Smokey Bear and Public Awareness Campaigns, Fire Prevention Specialists, How Weather and Climate Affect Wildland Fire, and Prescribed Fire. Follow the links below for activities and more within each section.