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  • In “Batter Up,” learn about how engineers designed a test to determine baseball bat breakage rates for different types of…

    Batter Up: Investigating What Type of Wood Makes the Best Baseball Bat

  • Put your feet up in the dugout and flip through “Batter Up!,” the final edition in the Time Warp Series.…

    Batter Up! (Time Warp Monograph Series) – Vol. 1 No. 17

  • Test your knowledge with an eyeChallenge after reading “Batter Up.” Each of the following images represents something from the article.…

    eyeChallenge – Batter Up!

  • Pine trees cover much of the Southeastern United States. When older pine trees are cut for making wood products, only…

    How Now Round Crown? Predicting the Energy Future of Tree Crowns

  • Unscramble the words below to make sentences about what you learned in “Batter Up!”

    Word Scramble – Batter Up!