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  • Front cover of National Inquirer Climate Change edition with images of scientists, a wolverine, and a field
    Is the climate changing over time? You may have heard different opinions about climate change. In the past few years,…

    Climate Change – Vol. 14 No. 1

  • PDF preview of Freshwater crossword.
    Test your knowledge on contamination, floodplains, and watersheds.

    Crossword – Freshwater

  • The cover of
    If the temperature of a stream rises too high, the animals that live in the stream may find it difficult…

    Did They Make the Gradient? Climate and Stream Temperatures Now and Into the Future

  • PDF preview of Freshwater eyeChallenge.
    After reading the Freshwater edition of Natural Inquirer, test your knowledge of the issue with this eyeChallenge. Explain what each…

    eyeChallenge – Freshwater

  • PDF preview of Caribbean Cruise FACTivity.
    The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: What can you learn from data about gage height and streamflow…

    FACTivity – Caribbean Cruise

  • PDF Preview of the Did They Make the Gradient FACTivity
    In this FACTivity, you will answer the following question: Does the movement of water affect its temperature?

    FACTivity – Did They Make the Gradient?

  • PDF preview of Flow Down FACTivity.
    The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: How much precipitation falls over a month’s time at my school…

    FACTivity – Flow Down

  • PDF preview of the Green Means Clean FACTivity.
    The questions you will answer in this FACTivity are: Which land cover surface best protects water quality and why? Materials:…

    FACTivity – Green Means Clean

  • PDF Preview of Toad-ally Awesome FACTivity
    You learned in this article that flooding can provide a service to the toads living along the Rio Grande in…

    FACTivity – Toad-ally Awesome

  • PDF Preview of the Woolly Bully FACTivity.
    In this FACTivity, you will answer the question: How much water is transpired by a tree during daylight hours?

    FACTivity – Woolly Bully

  • PDF preview of Flow Down article cover. The background is a photo of a green mountain range.
    The scientists in this study wanted to figure out how forest management, climate change, and streamflow interact. First, the scientists…

    Flow Down! Can Managing Forests Help Maintain Water Supplies in the Face of Climate Change?

  • Cover of the Freshwater NI journal. The main image is a photo of a freshwater lake.
    In the Natural Inquirer Freshwater edition, you will learn many new things about Earth’s freshwater. As you read each article,…

    Freshwater – Vol. 18 No. 1