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  • Cover of the Natural Inquirer A Burning Question
    The messages of Smokey Bear have spread across the globe. Today, Smokey continues to teach people of all ages about…

    A Burning Question – Vol. 1 No. 19

  • PDF preview of
    Today, Smokey continues to teach people of all ages about the importance of preventing wildfires. Just how effective is Smokey’s…

    A Burning Question: Is An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?

  • PDF preview of A Green Bill of Health article.
    The scientists who worked on this study wanted to focus on the effect of people’s environments on their mental health.…

    A Green Bill of Health – Can Vacant Lot Treatments Impact Mental Health?

  • Cover for the Green Bill of Health monograph. the background image is of a heavily populated city neighborhood, and the front image is a circular photo of a blooming tree in a lot.
    This is the first monograph in Natural Inquirer‘s Nature Health Benefits series. In “A Green Bill of Health,” students will…

    A Green Bill of Health – Vol. 1 No. 26

  • PDF Preview of Graphic Organizer for Outdoor Challenge 1
    Find 15 minutes this week to go outside and be active. For example, take a bike ride, throw a frisbee,…

    Activity – Outdoor Challenge 1

  • PDF Preview of graphic organizer for Outdoor Challenge 2
    Find 15 minutes at least twice a week to go outside. What do you hear, smell, and see? How do…

    Activity – Outdoor Challenge 2

  • PDF Preview of graphic organizer for Outdoor Challenge 3
    Make a list of types of things you currently do when you are outdoors. What types of activities would you…

    Activity – Outdoor Challenge 3

  • PDF Preview of Outdoor Group Challenge activity
    In this challenge, we want you to think more about how much time you spend outdoors. As a class/group/family, you…

    Activity – Outdoor Group Challenge

  • PDF preview of the alternate FACTivity for
    In this FACTivity, students will use information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sun Safety UV Index, formerly known as…

    Alternate FACTivity – What You See Is Not What You Get

  • Cover of the Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States Investi-gator journal cover. The background photo is a desert landscape. There are three circular photos showcasing a different animal, a frog, a bird and a mammal.
    Investi-gator is a sister publication to Natural Inquirer, serving students in grades 4 or higher. In this Investi-gator edition, you…

    Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States Investi-gator (Rocky Mountain Research Station) – Vol. 3 No. 1

  • illustration of a landscaper in a crane, sawing a tree
    Too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is mostly caused by two things: burning fossil fuels and the loss…

    Balancing Act: Urban Trees and the Carbon Cycle

  • The National Inquirer cover for the Bioenergy issue.
    What is bioenergy? “Bio-” is related to living or once living things. Bioenergy is a source of energy that uses…

    Bioenergy – Vol. 9 No. 1