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  • Cover of the 'Batter Up' monograph. The background image is a close up of a baseball glove and the inset image is a circular photo of a baseball player.
    In “Batter Up,” learn about how engineers designed a test to determine baseball bat breakage rates for different types of…

    Batter Up: Investigating What Type of Wood Makes the Best Baseball Bat

  • Cover of the 'Batter Up' monograph. The background image is a close up of a baseball glove and the inset image is a circular photo of a baseball player.
    Put your feet up in the dugout and flip through “Batter Up!,” the final edition in the Time Warp Series.…

    Batter Up! (Time Warp Monograph Series) – Vol. 1 No. 17

  • The National Inquirer cover for the Bioenergy issue.
    What is bioenergy? “Bio-” is related to living or once living things. Bioenergy is a source of energy that uses…

    Bioenergy – Vol. 9 No. 1

  • Illustration of a building site where a yellow tractor is dropping tree trunks into a wood chipper, that is then processing wood chips to a red truck.
    In the Western United States, many of the forests have too many small trees. These small trees increase the risk…

    Chip and Truck: Comparing the Cost of Using Trees to Heat Buildings

  • Which Wood Would You Choose Factivity PDF
    In this FACTivity, your class will consider the tradeoffs discussed in “Which Wood You Choose?” and work toward a solution.…

    FACTivity – Which Wood You Choose?

  • Illustration of two kids, standing back to back, both writing on notebooks. In the background are two other kids that are measuring the trunk width of two trees.
    Pine trees cover much of the Southeastern United States. When older pine trees are cut for making wood products, only…

    How Now Round Crown? Predicting the Energy Future of Tree Crowns

  • PDF preview of World's Forests Edition 3, Inquiry 2 article.
    Learn about the many benefits that different types of forests provide.

    Inquiry 2: What Benefits Do the World’s Forests Provide?

  • PDF preview of World's Forests 3 lesson plan.
    A guided reading lesson plan that walks students through each section of the journal. It includes graphic organizers and activities…

    Lesson Plan – World’s Forests 3

  • PDF preview of 'Spotlight on an EFR: Black Hills Experimental Forest'.
    In 1908, the Forest Service established a system of experiment forests and ranges (EFRs) to be set aside for environmental…

    Spotlight – Black Hills Experimental Forest

  • PDF preview of 'Time Warp 1951' from
    Learn more about the research engineers completed in 1951 about the best wood to use for baseball bats so they…

    Spotlight – Time Warp for Batter Up!

  • The cover for the Natural Inquirer Woodsy Owl Edition: Lend a Hand - Care for the Land! The main image is a photograph of a park ranger and a kid next to a stream holding small nets.
    The Woodsy Owl edition examines research on a variety of topics including how climate change affects owls in the Southwest,…

    The Woodsy Owl Edition – Vol. 1 No. 22

  • Black and white illustration of the head of a marten.
    In many places where martens live, trees are harvested for wood products, leaving martens with an environment very different from…

    There Goes the Neighborhood: The Disruption of American Marten Habitat