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  • The cover for the Natural Inquirer Caves and Karst journal. The main image is a photo of a cave with an opening high above the land below with a view of a green valley.
    The Caves and Karst edition of Natural Inquirer examines research on a variety of topics including white-nose syndrome in bats,…

    Caves and Karst Natural Inquirer – Vol. 20 No. 1

  • PDF preview of Caves and Karst eyeChallenge showing a selection of images from the edition.
    After reading the Caves and Karst Edition of Natural Inquirer, test your knowledge with an eyeChallenge. Examine each image taken…

    eyeChallenge – Caves and Karst

  • PDF preview of 'The Whole Kit and Kaboodle' FACTivity.
    In this FACTivity, you will think about how you live and what artifacts you would like an archaeologist to find…

    FACTivity – The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

  • Cover for 'The Whole Kit and Kaboodle' article. The main image is a photo of an otter sitting on a rock.
    Kit’n’Kaboodle Cave was rediscovered in 1992 by a team from the USDA Forest Service. This cave and others in this…

    The Whole Kit and Kaboodle: Exploring the Relationship Between Land Otters, Tlingit People, and Kit’n’Kaboodle Cave

  • Video thumbnail of Dr. Marla Emery in an office
    Dr. Marla Emery uses qualitative methods to study foraging in cities and forests in the United States.

    Urban Foraging with Dr. Marla Emery

  • Screenshot of Caves Live Webcast.
    “Caves LIVE: Live Q&A from Luray Caverns” was videotaped live from Luray Caverns in Virginia. Scientists answered student-submitted questions about…

    Video – Caves LIVE: Live Q&A from Luray Caverns

  • Caves LIVE a Distance Learning Adventure
    A world of wonder awaits just below the surface, and this distance learning adventure explores these amazing places. Specially adapted…

    Virtual Learning Adventure – Caves LIVE