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  • PDF Preview of Investi-gator Article Amphibious Assault
    Climate change can change the breeding patterns of some animals. Breeding patterns refer to when and how animals reproduce, including…

    Amphibious Assault: How Climate Change May Affect Amphibian Breeding

  • Cover of the Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States Investi-gator journal cover. The background photo is a desert landscape. There are three circular photos showcasing a different animal, a frog, a bird and a mammal.
    Investi-gator is a sister publication to Natural Inquirer, serving students in grades 4 or higher. In this Investi-gator edition, you…

    Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States Investi-gator (Rocky Mountain Research Station) – Vol. 3 No. 1

  • frogs leaping down a mountain
    Frogs are a species of amphibian. In recent years, there has been a decline in the numbers of amphibians worldwide.…

    As the Frog Hops: What Routes Do Frogs Travel in Mountain Environments?

  • Front cover of the Investi-gator Science Journal
    Investi-gator is a sister publication to Natural Inquirer serving students in grades 4 or higher. This Investi-gator edition focuses on…

    Climate Change Investi-gator (Pacific Northwest Research Station) – Vol. 1 No. 2

  • PDF Preview of Crossword Puzzle
    Test your knowledge on ecosystems, vegetation, and erosion.

    Crossword – Ecosystem Services

  • Front cover of National Inquirer with a bee pointing at a pond and green space
    Ecosystem services are the benefits that nature provides through natural processes. For example, plants provide clean air, natural fire helps…

    Ecosystem Services – Vol. 12 No. 1

  • PDF Preview of As the Frog Hops FACTivity
    In this study, the scientists discovered that wildernesses provide good habitat for frogs because the land and water are protected…

    FACTivity – As the Frog Hops

  • PDF preview of The Relationship Between Nonnative Trout and Pacific Tree Frogs FACTivity
    In this FACTivity, you will explore whether it is in society’s interest to stock the Sierra Nevada lakes with fish…

    FACTivity – Knocked Out By Trout

  • PDF Preview of Toad-ally Awesome FACTivity
    You learned in this article that flooding can provide a service to the toads living along the Rio Grande in…

    FACTivity – Toad-ally Awesome

  • PDF preview of World's Forests Edition 3, Inquiry 2 article.
    Learn about the many benefits that different types of forests provide.

    Inquiry 2: What Benefits Do the World’s Forests Provide?

  • Scientist standing inside cave
    From the formation of caves by the movement of groundwater to mapping them and exploring their unique ecosystems to the…

    Learning Module – Caves & Karst

  • PDF preview of the lesson plan for inquiry 2
    A guided reading lesson plans that walks students through each section of this article. It includes a graphic organizer for…

    Lesson Plan – Inquiry 2 from World’s Forests 3 Edition