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  • PDF preview of the alternate FACTivity for
    In this FACTivity, students will use information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sun Safety UV Index, formerly known as…

    Alternate FACTivity – What You See Is Not What You Get

  • PDF preview of Everything But the Carbon Sink article cover.
    The scientists in this study were interested in environmental changes occuring in the Southern United States. The scientists were interested…

    Everything but the Carbon Sink: Carbon Storage in the Southern United States

  • PDF Preview of FACTivity for
    The question you will explore in this FACTivity is: How does ozone in the troposphere and stratosphere impact Earth? Materials:…

    FACTivity – No Littering O-Zone

  • PDF Preview of What You See FACTivity
    In this FACTivity, you will conduct an experiment to test the different amounts of UV radiation. Compare your results with…

    FACTivity – What You See Is Not What You Get

  • Cover of the Natural Inquirer with illustrations of people interacting with nature
    What are urban forests? Urban forests are the trees and other plants that grow where people live, go to school,…

    Urban Forest – Vol. 6 No. 1

  • Illustration from the cover of
    Scientists have known that there is a difference between the sun’s visible radiation and invisible ultraviolet radiation from the sun.…

    What You See Is Not What You Get: The Difference Between Sunlight and Ultraviolet Radiation

  • PDF Preview of What You See Is Not What You Get Word Search
    Test your knowledge of tree canopy and UV radiation with a word search.

    Word Search – What You See Is Not What You Get