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  • PDF Preview of Social Groupies FACTivity
    In this FACTivity, you will use the findings from this research to design a picnic area.

    FACTivity – Social Groupies

  • Illustration of two kids, standing back to back, both writing on notebooks. In the background are two other kids that are measuring the trunk width of two trees.
    Pine trees cover much of the Southeastern United States. When older pine trees are cut for making wood products, only…

    How Now Round Crown? Predicting the Energy Future of Tree Crowns

  • Drawing of a cardinal bird flying.
    The Oriental bittersweet is a vine that was transported to the United States from Asia in 1860. Oriental bittersweet escaped from gardens and…

    Hurry Up and Wait: Investigating an Unusual Strategy for Invasion

  • PDF preview of the 'keeping it local' article cover. It is a photograph of a Smokey Bear with a park ranger, and both are standing in front of a group of children.
    In the past, forest managers always put out wildfires. More recently, forest managers have discovered that fire can be a good thing for…

    Keeping It Local: How Federal Wildfire Policy Is Implemented at the Local Level

  • Drawing of a pine shoot beetle.
    The pine shoot beetle is an invasive species in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The pine shoot beetle was brought…

    Shoot! Foiled Again! Using Chemicals to Discourage the Pine Shoot Beetle

  • illustration of three people biking in a city park
    People visit parks to do many different activities, such as play basketball, baseball, sunbathe, swim, walk, picnic, or go bicycling.…

    Social Groupies: How Different Groups Use Urban Parks

  • PDF Preview of Social Groupies Word Search
    Test your knowledge of social science and park design with a word search.

    Word Search – Social Groupies