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  • Open forest ecosystems, like those of longleaf pine or loblolly pine, are managed with regular fires to support native plants…

    A Flame Changer – How Fire Diversity Affects Bee and Butterfly Populations

  • Test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle after reading the Hawai’i-Pacific Islands edition of Natural Inquirer.

    Crossword – Hawai’i-Pacific Islands

  • After reading “Pack to Back,” test your knowledge with a word search.

    Crossword – Pack to Back

  • Scientists investigated what might happen to Mexican spotted owls as the air temperature continues to rise in a changing climate.…

    Owl-ch! – How a Changing Climate Might Affect Mexican Spotted Owls

  • The scientists in this study were interested in learning about birds living in different sized kīpuka on the island of…

    Treasure Islands: Hawaiian Kīpuka and the Future of Native Hawaiian Birds

  • The scientists in this study wanted to know three things: (1) Do visitors’ activities and reasons for using urban parks…

    Where the Sidewalk Ends – Visitor Use of Natural and Landscaped Areas in Urban Parks