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  • Caribbean Cruise cover for the article. The main image is of a stream bed.
    Particulate organic matter (POM), which consists of small pieces of twigs, leaves, soil, and other items found in the water,…

    Caribbean Cruise: Examining the Movement and Quality of Organic Matter Over Time From Two Caribbean Watersheds

  • PDF preview of
    Read about efforts to model changes to land use within watersheds to help identify and prioritize watersheds with low water…

    Full Throttle Model: Using Scientific Models to Quickly Assess Water Quality

  • The cover for the Green Means Clean article. The main image is a photo of a lake with trees on the coast.
    With two-thirds of the U.S. population drinking water from surface sources such as streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, it is…

    Green Means Clean! Assessing the Condition of U.S. Drinking Water Watersheds

  • Termites have been a concern to scientists in the Southeastern United States for many years. Termites are common across the…

    Time Warp – Chew on This!

  • Cover for the 'What's the Nonpoint?' article. The main image is a photo, taken in 2012, shows point source pollution of the Altamaha River in Georgia.
    Nonpoint source water pollution comes from large areas or landscapes such as roadways, farms, and urban and suburban communities. Scientists…

    What’s the Nonpoint? Assessing Nonpoint Source Water Quality Threats Nationwide