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  • Open forest ecosystems, like those of longleaf pine or loblolly pine, are managed with regular fires to support native plants…

    A Flame Changer – How Fire Diversity Affects Bee and Butterfly Populations

  • For each word pair, identify whether the pair are antonyms or synonyms.

    Antonym and Synonym Challenge – The Morel of the Story

  • Particulate organic matter (POM), which consists of small pieces of twigs, leaves, soil, and other items found in the water,…

    Caribbean Cruise: Examining the Movement and Quality of Organic Matter Over Time From Two Caribbean Watersheds

  • Test your knowledge on alluvial soil, watersheds, and fish.

    Crossword – Food for the Soil

  • Test your knowledge on contamination, floodplains, and watersheds.

    Crossword – Freshwater

  • After reading “The Morel of the Story,” test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle.

    Crossword – The Morel of the Story

  • Test your knowledge on food chains, endemic species, and germination.

    Crossword Puzzle – Pacific Islands

  • From 1920 to 1950, a tree species called albizia (Falcataria moluccana) was brought to Hawai‘i from islands located north and…

    Don’t Litter the Stream: An Invasive Tree Species and a Hawaiian Stream Food Web

  • In this article, learn about soils and the amount of salmon-derived nutrients (SDN) in Southeast Alaska! Salmon-derived nutrients are nutrients…

    Food for the Soil: Soil and the Amount of Salmon-Derived Nutrients in Southeast Alaska

  • At the end of the “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” article, there is a glossary of terms that were…

    Glossary Challenge – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

  • Koa is one of the most valued of tropical woods. A particular type of koa tree, called Acacia koa, is…

    Koa Constrictors: Studying Things That Slow the Growth of Koa Crop Trees

  • In this study, the scientists studied trees growing on Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean Sea. The scientists wanted…

    Leaf Me Alone! The Movement of Nutrients Between Trees and the Soil