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  • The tree line is the edge of a habitat at which trees are capable of growing. In this study, the…

    Back to the Future: Using Dead Trees to Predict Future Climates

  • Test your knowledge on alluvial soil, watersheds, and fish.

    Crossword – Food for the Soil

  • Test your knowledge on agriculture, habitats, and drought.

    Crossword Puzzle – Natural IQ Climate Change

  • The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: What is the relationship between the level of chemicals in a…

    FACTivity – Sediment-al Journey

  • The question you will answer in this FACTivity is: How do air temperature patterns relate to a yearly natural event,…

    FACTivity – Timed Travel

  • The scientists in this study wanted to figure out how forest management, climate change, and streamflow interact. First, the scientists…

    Flow Down! Can Managing Forests Help Maintain Water Supplies in the Face of Climate Change?

  • In this article, learn about soils and the amount of salmon-derived nutrients (SDN) in Southeast Alaska! Salmon-derived nutrients are nutrients…

    Food for the Soil: Soil and the Amount of Salmon-Derived Nutrients in Southeast Alaska

  • In this article, students will learn about how different planting elevations can affect Jeffrey and ponderosa pines’ survival, growth, and…

    Grow Where You’re Planted – Testing How New Planting Elevations Affect Jeffrey and Ponderosa Pines

  • Water temperature helps regulate aquatic ecosystems, and, for many aquatic organisms, life-cycle phases are tied to water temperature. Salmon eggs,…

    Timed Travel: Measuring the Relationship Between Stream Temperatures and the Development of Salmon

  • Test your knowledge on alluvial soil, geomorphology, and spawn.

    Word Search – Food for the Soil