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  • PDF preview for the Woolly Bully Crossword
    Test your knowledge on water, invasive species, and ecology.

    Crossword – Woolly Bully

  • The pdf cover of the 'Don't Judge a Soil' article which features a photo of vegetation burning.
    When a wildfire burns across a forest, logs and stumps on the ground may completely burn up. When this happens…

    Don’t Judge a Soil by Its Color: Exploring Forest Soil Following a Wildfire

  • Cover for Don't Litter the Stream. It's a photo of a stream in a very green wooded area.
    From 1920 to 1950, a tree species called albizia (Falcataria moluccana) was brought to Hawai‘i from islands located north and…

    Don’t Litter the Stream: An Invasive Tree Species and a Hawaiian Stream Food Web

  • PDF Preview of FACTivity for
    In this FACTivity, you will learn about invasive species in your area. The questions you will answer are: What invasive…

    FACTivity – The Garlic Mustard Plant

  • Drawing of mice eating spotted knapweed.
    In the Western United States, spotted knapweed is one of the most widely found nonnative plants. Spotted knapweed was brought to the United…

    Goll-ly! Don’t Take a Knapweed! The Impact of Nonnative Plants and Animals on Deer Mice

  • PDF cover of the Hawaii Pacific Islands Natural Inquirer journal. Under the title is a rendering of the largest island with digital photos of different fauna and flora native to the island. The entire background is green with illustration of different green plants.
    The research you will read about in this Natural Inquirer was conducted by scientists working at the Institute of Pacific…

    Hawaii Pacific Islands – Vol. 16 No. 1

  • PDF preview of World's Forests Inquiry 1 article.
    Different types of forests are found across the planet. In one area, a forest may be dry with little vegetation.…

    Inquiry 1: What Are the World’s Forests and Where Are They Found?

  • PDF preview of
    The scientists in this study were interested in looking at how prescribed fire affects longleaf pine forests and their ability…

    Knock on Wood: Understanding the Relationship Between the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Longleaf Pine, Fire, and Carbon

  • The cover of
    The scientists in this study were interested in trees that live in the Eastern United States. They wanted to explore…

    Moving on Up: The Possible Impact of Climate Change on Forest Habitats

  • Drawing of a pine shoot beetle.
    The pine shoot beetle is an invasive species in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The pine shoot beetle was brought…

    Shoot! Foiled Again! Using Chemicals to Discourage the Pine Shoot Beetle

  • PDF preview of 'That's a Humdinger' article cover.
    Many different types of birds live in riparian forests. In this study, the scientists were interested in black-chinned hummingbirds that…

    That’s a Humdinger! Black-Chinned Hummingbird Nesting in Response to Forest Treatments

  • The Plot Thickens - How Native Trees Responded to the Removal of an Unwanted Tree Species in Forest Study Plots. The background is an image of a Tamaligi Forest.
    The scientists in this study were interested in two questions: (1) How are tamaligi trees impacting the native forests in…

    The Plot Thickens – How Native Trees Responded to the Removal of an Unwanted Tree Species in Forest Study Plots