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  • Test your knowledge on agriculture, habitats, and drought.

    Crossword Puzzle – Natural IQ Climate Change

  • The scientists in this study wanted to figure out how forest management, climate change, and streamflow interact. First, the scientists…

    Flow Down! Can Managing Forests Help Maintain Water Supplies in the Face of Climate Change?

  • In the past, scientists had estimated how much rainfall is intercepted by trees growing in rural areas. The scientists in this study…

    Good to the Last Drip: How Trees Help to Reduce Pollution

  • The trees that grow along urban streets are called street trees. Some street trees are planted between the street and…

    I’ve Got You Covered: The Amount of Pavement Covered by Street Trees

  • Test your science knowledge with a word search.

    Word Search – Good to the Last Drip

  • Test your science knowledge with a word search.

    Word Search – I’ve Got You Covered