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  • PDF preview of crossword puzzle.
    Test your knowledge on agriculture, habitats, and drought.

    Crossword Puzzle – Natural IQ Climate Change

  • PDF preview of the cover for the 'Fight or Light' article. It is a photograph of a group of large tents set up for firefighters during the 1910 fires with a dense forest in the background.
    The historian in this study was interested in understanding the impact of the 1910 fires on fire policy and American…

    Fight or Light? The History and Impact of the Big Fires of 1910

  • PDF preview of Fire and Water article cover. The background photo is the tops of a small group of trees.
    Successfully predicting where and when wildfires might occur is important. This prediction is important because of possible environmental and economic…

    Fire and Water: Predicting Future Wildfires in a Changing Climate

  • PDF preview of SPLAT article
    Mountain pine beetles are a natural part of the environment in forests of the Western United States. However, because of…

    SPLAT! Protecting Pine Trees in the Western United States from Beetle Attack

  • A photograph of a group of educators doing a presentation in front of a large seated crowd.
    The scientists in this study were interested in learning more about trust. They believed that forest managers can do a…

    Trust Is a Must: What Is Involved in Trusting Those Who Manage Forest Fires?