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  • Leaves change color in the fall. Cooler temperatures in the fall cause the chlorophyll in leaves to break down. When…

    Are You Red-dy to Change? Learning What Things Affect Leaf Color Change

  • In the Western United States, many of the forests have too many small trees. These small trees increase the risk…

    Chip and Truck: Comparing the Cost of Using Trees to Heat Buildings

  • In this FACTivity, you will work with equations based on things that you see around you. You will convert statements…

    FACTivity – Good to the Last Drip

  • In the past, scientists had estimated how much rainfall is intercepted by trees growing in rural areas. The scientists in this study…

    Good to the Last Drip: How Trees Help to Reduce Pollution

  • The scientists were interested in discovering whether the Pacific tree frog population might also be affected by the presence of nonnative trout, similar…

    Knocked Out By Trout: The Relationship Between Nonnative Trout and Pacific Tree Frogs

  • Test your science knowledge with a word search.

    Word Search – Good to the Last Drip

  • Test your knowledge of economics and tree cover with a word search.

    Word Search – Yard Sale!

  • Finished reading the Investi-gator (Northern Research Station)? See how much you learned by completing one or both of these word…

    Word Searches – Investi-gator (Northern Research Station)

  • The scientists in this study were interested in knowing whether the benefits provided by trees are valued by people buying…

    Yard Sale! How Trees Affect the Selling Price of Houses