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  • For each word pair, identify whether the pair are antonyms or synonyms.

    Antonym and Synonym Challenge – The Morel of the Story

  • Test your knowledge on water, invasive species, and ecology.

    Crossword – Woolly Bully

  • Learn about the many benefits that different types of forests provide.

    Inquiry 2: What Benefits Do the World’s Forests Provide?

  • This inquiry explores the range of benefits forests provide to people and to the environment.

    Inquiry 3: What Do Forests Do for the World’s Environment and its People?

  • Mushroom hunting is just one of the terms used to describe searching for wild mushrooms. Other terms include mushrooming, mushroom…

    Spotlight – What Is Mushroom Hunting?

  • Mushroom hunting is a specialized skill that takes years to learn. Wild mushroom species are difficult to identify, and many…

    The Morel of the Story: Comparing Scientific Research with Local Mushroom Hunters’ Knowledge of Morel Mushrooms

  • Black cohosh is a forest plant that is harvested for its medicinal use. Black cohosh is native to eastern deciduous…

    To Harvest or Not to Harvest: How Does Harvesting Impact Wild Plant Sustainability?

  • Water is constantly moving throughout the natural environment. Some scientists study the flow of water into, out of, and held…

    Woolly Bully: Estimating the Effect of an Invasive Insect on an Area’s Water Cycle

  • Test your knowledge on invasive species, runoff, and humidity.

    Word Search – Woolly Bully