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  • In this study, the scientists wanted to test a method of calculating the amount of carbon stored by plants across…

    Beam Me Down, Scotty: The Use of Airborne and Satellite Technology to Measure Carbon in Hawaiian Forests

  • Test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle after reading the Hawai’i-Pacific Islands edition of Natural Inquirer.

    Crossword – Hawai’i-Pacific Islands

  • After reading the Investi-gator (Northern Research Station), test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle.

    Crossword – Investi-gator (Northern Research Station)

  • Test your knowledge on water, invasive species, and ecology.

    Crossword – Woolly Bully

  • Different types of forests are found across the planet. In one area, a forest may be dry with little vegetation.…

    Inquiry 1: What Are the World’s Forests and Where Are They Found?

  • Across the planet, different types of forests are found. One reason different forest types exist is because they grow under…

    Inquiry 1: What Kind of Forests Grow on Earth and How Do They Differ?

  • This five-day lesson plan can be used in whole or in part to accompany the Wilderness Benefits edition of Natural…

    Lesson Plan – Wilderness Benefits

  • A naturalized species has two ranges. The first range is the one where the species lives in its native habitat.…

    North of the Border: Are Nonnative Species Moving Northward As the Climate Changes?

  • Trees that are dead but still standing are called snags. Even though snags are dead, they are still are important…

    Pecking Order: What Types of Post-Fire Snag Areas Do Woodpeckers Prefer?

  • Scientists believe that Earth’s climate is getting warmer. If the climate continues to get warmer, then there could be more…

    Snowed In? A Closer Look at Soil Activity in the Wintertime

  • When a society decides to set aside areas of land as wilderness, it makes a choice about the value of…

    Speak-o-logical: Defining and Measuring the Ecological Value of Wilderness

  • The emerald ash borer is an invasive species to the United States. While it isn’t a major pest in its…

    The Emerald Ash Borer: Invading Ash Trees in the Oxbow