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  • The scientists in this study developed a process to help managers identify management priorities. As conditions change over time, the…

    At Your Service: Developing Models to Help Natural Resource Managers Make Better Decisions

  • After reading the Citizen Science edition of Natural Inquirer, test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle.

    Crossword – Citizen Science

  • With two-thirds of the U.S. population drinking water from surface sources such as streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, it is…

    Green Means Clean! Assessing the Condition of U.S. Drinking Water Watersheds

  • Invasive species such as spotted knapweed can have an effect on a habitat and animals in that habitat. In this…

    Invasion of the Song Snatcher! The Influence of Invasive Spotted Knapweed on Chipping Sparrow Song Diversity

  • The scientists in this study were interested in three common periodic changes in sea surface temperatures, called oscillations. In particular,…

    It’s a Small World: How Oceans and Climates Can Affect Wildland Fires Thousands of Miles Away

  • Over the past decade, humans have introduced two species of Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans and Pterois miles) into the Atlantic…

    Lion In Wait: How Citizens Helped Scientists Identify a Rapid Invasion of Lionfish

  • A naturalized species has two ranges. The first range is the one where the species lives in its native habitat.…

    North of the Border: Are Nonnative Species Moving Northward As the Climate Changes?

  • This spotlight explores how data collected by non-scientists can be used by scientists. The USA National Phenology Network is an…

    Spotlight – Nature’s Notebook: Taking a Pulse of Our Planet

  • The Forest Products Laboratory, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a place where scientists work to develop wood products for human…

    Which Do You A-Door? Comparing the Energy Needed to Make Wood and Steel Doors

  • Test your knowledge on archeology, biomass, and dendrochronology.

    Word Search – Climate Change