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  • Velicia R. Bergstrom, Archaeologist

    Front cover of Velicia R. Bergstrom Collector Card
    • M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As an archaeologist, I study past human activity (historic and prehistoric) through the scientific recovery and analysis of material culture, like artifacts and ecofacts.
  • David Bengston, Environmental Futurist

    Forests & Plants
    Front cover of Dr. David Bengston Collector Card
    • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • Futurists explore a range of possible desirable future situations.  Futures develop foresight – insight into how and why the future could be different from today – and use foresight to make better decisions today.
  • Arian Randall, Deputy Forest Archaeologist

    Back cover of Arian Randall back Collector Card
    • M.S., St. Cloud State University
    • USDA Forest Service
    • As an archaeologist, I study the lives of past humans by analyzing the material remains they left behind, like artifacts, structures, and art.
  • Annie Hermansen-Baez, Science Delivery Specialist

    Science Communication
    Front cover of Annie Hermansen-Baez Collector Card
    • Masters in Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • I translate science into terms that non-scientists can understand.  I help scientist communicate with other natural resource professionals, students, and the general public.
  • Haiganoush Preisler, Statistical Scientist

    Front cover of Dr. Haiganoush Preisler Collector Card
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • USDA Forest Service Scientist
    • As a statistical scientist I translate scientists’ hypothesis and word problems into a few (essential) equations that help further our understanding of the world we live in.