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  • An illustration of Smokey Bear in a cabin, sitting in a rocking chair by a fireplace. He reads a book about trees to two cubs who climb in his lap.
    I’m at my local library in Nebraska today, helping out with an event for the Forest Service. Toddlers play on an alphabet rug as I tell them what Forest Service scientists do. “They ask ques...

    Guest Blog: “Bee” a Scientist with Smokey Bear This Summer

  • A creek in a wetland area of a national forest.
    Visitors at Wisconsin’s Daniel R. Obey Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center can hear the shanties of long-ago fur trappers, see the vibrant greens of the surrounding Chequamegon-Nicolet National For...

    Guest Blog: Natural Inquirer in Your Visitor Center

  • A tall statue of a blue bear standing on its hind legs as seen from inside the Colorado Convention Center.
    Backdropped by the snowcapped Rockies, I entered the Colorado Convention Center wearing my most practical shoes. We’ll be on our feet for eight hours a day, so make sure you’re comfortable. ...

    Guest Blog: Free Science Education Products at NSTA 2024 (Yes! Free!)

  • Margaret Gregory holds a copy of a Natural Inquirer monograph at the booth at NSTA 2024 in Denver.

    Margaret Gregory

    As a technical writer-editor for Forest Service Research and Development, I translate science into terms that people can understand and use. I do this through stories, webinars, webpages, and any other manner people request! I live in Nebraska, home of Arbor Day and trees ranging from white ash to Ponderosa pine. I enjoy reading, writing, running, watching cooking shows, and playing on my Switch.